We believe that children learn best through play and exposure to real life experiences.  To this end, the children will get ample time to play with the toys of their choosing, interact with other children and adults, take part in routines of a normal family and go out to play.  All of what they do will reflect the theme for that week and without formal, overly structured learning will teach them the fundamentals of math, language, science and life skills.  We’ve all heard the old African proverb  “It takes a village to raise a child”; our small group of moms has set out to create that village.


In order to provide the best possible program we are keeping the dayhome small.  Preference will be given to full time children, however there will be a small amount of room reserved for casual participants. Whether you want to pick up groceries, get your hair done or just have time to yourself, we hope that you will think of us!   

All spots are currently full

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